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Fundamental Care Staffing

Affordability-Based medical Plan Strategies that meet the specific needs of the Staffing Industry




Over 25,000 Staffing and Recruiting Companies in the U.S.


Around 16 Million people are on an annual or temporary contract 


Typical tenure for a staffing employee is around 10 weeks with turnover close to 400%+ 

80% of workers would keep a job with benefits rather than take one that offered more pay and no benefits, according to a study done by AICPA.

Customized Solutions for Staffing Industry Workforce

Fundamental Care Staffing uses a disciplined approach to understanding market and business needs. We create Affordability-Based Medical Plan Strategies for small to large staffing companies across the nation.  


We understand the unique challenges that staffing companies face across the different classes of employee populations.  We provide customized Statistical Modeling Reports to help guide decision support and determine the appropriate benefit levels and the right price-points for our staffing clients.

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Fundamental Care Staffing provides access to unique, Affordability-Based Medical Plans specifically for the Staffing Industry Workforce, as well as highly desirable Ancillary/Voluntary and Enhanced Benefits.

Fixed Indemnity

Ancillary Benefits

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC)

Prescription Benefits

Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC+)

Enhanced Benefits

Minimum Value Plans (MVP)


Staffing Specific Administrative System

Employee benefit offerings for the staffing industry require innovative administrative processing.  The solutions must be easy to offer and flexible enough to handle their unique demands.  Challenges to consider include: weekly payroll processing, high turnover, intermittent work schedules, pre-enrollment, and ongoing enrollment.  It is imperative that benefit programs have a robust system with proven processes and experience to ensure a successful offering in the staffing industry.

The Fundamental Care Staffing program engages with key vendor partners to offer an integrated approach to overcome these unique challenges. Our Affordability Based Medical Plans deliver better results and allow your health plan to perform for your employees, your company, and your bottom line! 

The program balances state-of-the-art technology and best-in-class member support to remove the typical hassles that come along with offering employee benefits.  Live, telephonic enrollment education is included to handhold employees throughout the enrollment process.  They also have instant online access to enrollment, benefit summaries, EOBs, and claims status.  For the plan administrator, we provide industry and plan-specific reporting to securely access health plan information, as well as a dedicated client services manager.  

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The Fundamental Problem with Traditional Health Insurance -

The "Affordability Void"

Health insurance is expensive.

High deductibles create a huge personal financial burden and make the plans unusable.

  • Since the Affordable Care Act was passed in 2010, the average monthly premium for an individual has risen to $440 per month with an average deductible of $4,533. 

  • When surveyed, many Americans indicate that $200 per month (or less) is what they would define as affordable.

  • 70% of working Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck.

  • 40% indicate that they have enough savings to cover a $400 emergency.

  • 89% of uninsured Americans are actively employed.

An affordability and high-deductible crisis exists in the health insurance marketplace today. Fundamental Care Staffing was designed as an alternative solution.

Fundamental Care Partners

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Fundamental Care Staffing is managed by Coterie Advisory Group, Inc. Coterie Advisors is an Arizona-based, insurance program manager and national marketing agency. The founders of Coterie are comprised of a team of insurance and benefits professionals who have dedicated their careers to the benefits marketplace. They have held various Leadership and Executive roles at multiple insurance carriers, agencies, and platform administrators. Their drive has helped thousands of service-industry employers and millions of individuals obtain quality, affordable care. Coterie focuses on Affordability-Based Medical Plans and has life and health insurance licenses in all 50 states.

For other service-industry employers who are not in the staffing industry, visit:

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